Make the breast beautiful without plastic

In our time beautiful is not so much a big chest, so much high and resilient. That is, it is rather not about the size, but about the form, whatever the plastic surgery lovers would think or say. And this means that every woman can achieve a beautiful breast, no matter how big she is. The main thing is desire and patience.

Strengthening chest tone

So, a beautiful breast should be firm and elastic. In order to make it such, it is necessary to increase the tone and elasticity of the skin, and the breasts will visually tighten up, will acquire beautiful outlines. It is known that there are no muscles in the chest that can be inflated. Her beauty depends on the condition of the supporting muscles of the shoulders and the skin condition. To maintain the tone of the chest:

Do not get carried away by hot baths and showers. Hot water reduces skin tone, and also makes it dry. If you really love, splash in hot water for no more than 15 minutes.

Oh bend your chest with cold water . Take yourself for a habit, taking a shower, at the end, in a circular motion, rinse your chest with icy water. This is a well-known, simple and very effective method of increasing the tone of the breast.

Try massage ice cubes . This, like ice dousing, improves the elasticity of the skin.

Posture and Exercise

Do not slouch! Firstly, when you walk, proudly straightened shoulders, the chest visually seems higher and more noticeable. Secondly, the constantly hunched position leads to a weakening of the supporting muscles, which will certainly affect the appearance of the breast.

Go in for sports! The ideal sport for boosting the tone and improving the appearance of the chest is swimming. In the event that there is no way to practice this sport, your fitness trainer can recommend a few simple but effective exercises that will help you strengthen the pectoral muscles on your own.

Cosmetic care. Combine breast massage with rubbing a special cream to increase the elasticity of the bust (this kind of funds is now enough on the shelves of cosmetic stores).


To the breast was beautiful and elastic, it is also necessary to eat properly and balanced.

In your diet should be a lot of foods rich in vitamins A and C – green vegetables (greens, spinach, celery), citrus fruits, carrots, berries.

Drink plenty of liquids – 1.5-2 liters per day.

Useful for the breast and unsaturated fats, contained in plant foods – olive oil, avocado, seeds, nuts. Tomatoes and cabbage broccoli protect against breast cancer. True, the famous saying that cabbage increases the breast, contributing to its growth, is nothing more than a myth. Although it is very logs.

And, most importantly, do not complex! Believe me, even a very small, but resilient and high chest is much more attractive for men than a large one, but saggy and flabby. Work on yourself, and your breasts will look gorgeous for a long time.

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