What is a medical manicure

What is a medical manicure

The skin of the hands and nails need constant care at any time of the year, but in special care they need the off-season and winter, when the skin is subject to a special influence of negative factors. As you know, the back of the palms does not have a lot of sebaceous glands, which additionally protect the skin, so the skin of the hands is especially vulnerable to the aggressive action of water, detergents, temperature changes and other negative factors. Regular complex medical manicure will help protect the skin of the hands, make the nails more well-groomed, and, most importantly, prevent early age changes – the formation of pigment spots and wrinkles.

What is a medical manicure

Medical manicure is a medical procedure in conjunction with the systemic care of nails and hand skin. Modern medical manicure consists not only of forming the nail plate, giving it a certain form and eliminating excess keratinized skin areas, but also a whole systemic complex care.

Systemic care consists in the wise use of the right means for the care of hands and nails, which can be advised only by an experienced specialist. In addition, a medical manicure in the salon, it is also necessary to properly care for nails and hand skin at home to achieve the best result.

Technology of medical manicure

The technology of performing medical manicure is a systemic care, which consists of the following stages:

  • Cleansing.
  • Food.
  • Humidification.
  • Protection.
  • Elimination of keratinized skin.
  • Nail plates are shaped.
  • Restoration of the natural nail structure.

As a rule, in the first stage, a manicurist determines the condition of the skin of hands and nails, determines the type and also the problems. After that, the manicure master selects special medical and cosmetic means, in accordance with the existing problems. The next step is to perform a special procedure, which is called a medical manicure.

As a rule, the procedure of medical manicure lasts about an hour, sometimes a little longer. In some cases, it is possible to use additional care products, for example, such as:

  1. Paraffinotherapy – the use of special paraffin warm masks to restore, nourish and protect the skin of the hands and nail plate.
  2. Massage of hands.
  3. Spa procedures for hands.
  4. Nourishing masks for hands.
  5. Peelings and scrubs.
  6. “Sealing” of nails with the help of special minerals or special creams.
  7. The use of special medications, for example, for the treatment of nail fungus.
  8. Use of trays with decoctions of herbs and so on.
  9. Application of bleaching agents for nail plates.

No doubt, each person has his own individual problems with the skin of hands and nail plates, so in the construction of a further schedule for performing medical manicure, the master is guided by these factors. Regular campaign to a professional manicurist and constant care at home for the skin of hands and nails, guarantees an ideal manicure and protects against the mass of diseases of the skin and nails, for example, such as fungus.

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