Solarium: disadvantages and advantages

For many centuries, pale translucent skin was the standard of female beauty and spoke about the noble origin of its owner. Times change, and today tanned skin is a priority, it is believed that it is not only beautiful, but also indicates good health. Partly, it’s really true, a golden tan on the skin helps not just hide some minor dermatological defects, but gives a more fresh, rested look. It is for this reason, many as representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, and representatives of its strong half, try to maintain the golden color of the skin at any time of the year, good, for this mass of opportunities.

Modern solarium

Of course, relax on the beach and get covered with an even tan – it’s wonderful, but not round the same year. In addition, the constant exposure to sunlight on the skin – this is harmful and that’s why:

  • Dehydration of the body and aging of the skin occur as a consequence.
  • The condition of the hair deteriorates.
  • To sunbathe, you need to have a lot of free time, because you can only sunbathe at certain hours.
  • From the sun’s rays, unwanted skin pigmentation can occur.
  • There is a growing risk of skin cancer.
  • A good alternative to sun tanning is its artificial counterpart, solarium.
  • Advantages of tanning in a solarium
  • A smooth, beautiful tan without any traces of the swimsuit can be obtained in a very short time. Only 5-10 minutes a day and a week later – an even bronze tan.
  • Artificial sunlight in the cold season activates the immune system.
  • In the solarium, you can adjust the intensity of ultraviolet.
  • If you choose the right time to stay in the solarium and the intensity of exposure, you can cure some dermatological diseases.

Solarium can be used all year round

The solarium is also useful before vacation, as it is an excellent preparation before exposure to direct sunlight, which significantly reduces the risk of allergic reaction or protects from sunburn.

If you use special protective means for tanning in a solarium, the risk of undesirable consequences is minimal.

Exposure to artificial ultraviolet skin for a strictly limited amount of time does not have a negative effect on the body.

Disadvantages of the solarium

No doubt, like any progress made, the solarium has a number of its flaws, which should be taken into account before agreeing to an artificial tanning procedure. The disadvantages of a solarium include:

The solarium worsens the skin, especially if you do not use protective equipment.

Artificial sunburn in the solarium contributes to the development of psychological dependence, the so-called, tanorexia. This deviation is characterized by the fact that a person pathologically wants to be tanned at any time of the year and does everything possible for this.

If often and for a long time to visit the solarium, the skin will acquire an unnatural, very dark shade. It’s not beautiful.

The solarium can not be visited by women, who are diagnosed with various gynecological diseases. In addition, from the solarium should be abandoned pregnant and those who have a tendency to oncology.

Some skin diseases are also a contraindication to visiting the solarium.

Frequent visits to the solarium can provoke an allergic skin reaction – redness, itching, rash.

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