Afraid of epilators? You just do not know how to use them properly!

You are tired of shaving your legs every 2-3 days, but from the word “epilator” do your knees tremble? It’s time to get rid of fear! The procedure for hair removal can be made as effective and painless as possible if the rules are followed.

Spring is spring, and soon short jeans and pantyhose short jeans and swimwear will replace jeans and pantyhose. The list of preparation points for the summer must include getting rid of unwanted hair. Ways of removing hairs are invented a lot, but the most effective is the use of a depilator. Catalog MagaZilla offers a wide range of epilators of famous brands. On you can study the characteristics of devices, compare models and prices offered on them by online stores.

But to buy a depilator is just the beginning. Thousands of girls who bought this device, after the first use, put it on the top shelf and continued to use the old razor. Too much discomfort has brought them the test of a fashionable device. We will tell you how to make the epilation procedure more enjoyable and effective.

Preparing for hair removal

Perform the procedure for hair removal should be only when the hairs of the industry at least a few millimeters. If they are too short, the device tweezers will not be able to capture the corny. Too long hairs – the other extreme, to bring to which it is undesirable. Their removal is very painful, and the risk of traumatizing the skin increases. Yes, and the effectiveness of hair removal in this case is reduced.

Just before the beginning of the procedure, take a hot bath. Under the influence of heat, the pores expand, this will facilitate the removal of hairs. After the bath, wipe the skin with a towel, but do not use lotions or creams. Slimy hairs to remove difficult.

If your epilator is multi-speed, adjust the speed before use. Correctly selected mode increases the effectiveness of hair removal. Note that at high speed, thin hairs may not break out from the root, but simply break or tear, so it is better to set low speeds to remove them. The maximum speed is suitable for removing coarse and thick hairs.

Rules of epilation

To make hair removal less painful, remember the following rules:

  • Start with the areas where the hairs are thin. So you will get used to the pain and relax the removal of thick hairs.
  • To reduce painful sensations will help special nozzles – massaging or cooling. The only negative – they are not all the epilators are completed.
  • With your free hand, stretch the skin area from which you remove the hairs. Stretching the skin, you expand the pores, so the hairs break out more easily.
  • Take breaks during the procedure. If you have a high pain threshold, you will tolerate 5-6 short-term approaches more easily than one 15-minute session.
  • Press the device lightly and hold it at a slight angle in the direction opposite to the growth of the hairs
  • The slower the epilator is to move, the more the hair will grasp the tweezers. So, you can avoid strong irritation. Do not be afraid of the appearance of small red dots: they indicate that the hairs are removed from the root.

After the procedure

After completing the procedure, apply a tonic or special lotion to your skin. They help to close pores and shorten the healing time of damaged areas: after a couple of days, there will be no trace of irritation and redness.

Execute exfoliating procedures for the next 2-3 days after hair removal. A stiff washcloth, cream or scrub will help remove dead cells, reduce redness and make the skin smooth. In addition, exfoliating scrubs and creams prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs.

And the last tip: do the procedure before going to bed and do not rush to wear tight or synthetic clothes on the areas that have been epilated.

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